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    Metropolitan State University of Denver
  Jan 23, 2018
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Institute for Women's Studies and Services

The Institute for Women’s Studies and Services (IWSS) is a unique office on the Auraria campus, in that IWSS offers both academics (one major and two minors) and direct services to students. IWSS provides academic and holistic support for students targeted by sexism and other intersecting oppressions at MSU Denver.
The academic program within IWSS identifies and critically examines systems of power utilizing intersectional and transnational frameworks that allow for self-reflection and active engagement in social change. Students may elect to major in Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies (GWS), or minor in Gender Studies or Sexualities Studies. Several GWS courses are offered for General Studies course credit, Guaranteed State Transfer or in fulfillment of the Multicultural graduation requirement.

Academic Programs

Commitment to Gender Equity and Social Inclusion

Women’s studies values a diverse curriculum, fostering the inclusion of material that highlights the unique elements and intersections of gender, class, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, disability and multiple other social identities that have historically experienced oppression. The Institute also provides support services for all students whether or not they select GWS courses. These services include advising, information, and referral; various workshops including scholarship and salary negotiation, conferences, and seminars: on-line resources such as Community Resources; and a small, multimedia library focused on women’s issues.

Scholarship Information and Awards

IWSS sponsors a number of scholarships, among them the Pamela McIntyre-Marcum Scholarship, the Meredith Wetzel Memorial Scholarship, the Activist Scholarship, and the Nueva Esperanza Scholarship.