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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MUS 3020 - Jazz Styles - America’s Music

Credits: 3 (3 + 0)

Prerequisite(s): MUS 1000 or permission of instructor

Description: This class explores the history of Jazz within the context of the African American cultural experience. The course will examine African musical aesthetics that are at the core of all forms of jazz throughout its history. The evolution of jazz will be traced, beginning with distinctly African American musical expressions such as minstrelsy, the blues, and ragtime, before surveying the developments and prominent figures of jazz in the 20th century including New Orleans and classic jazz, bebop and related movements, the innovations of Coleman and Taylor, the innovations of Miles Davis, and the jazz styles of the present.

General Studies: Arts and Humanities

University Requirement(s): Multicultural

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