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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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WMS 3170 - Social Justice: Self and Citizenship: A Service Learning Course

Credits: 3 (2 + 2)

Prerequisite(s): WMS 1001 or PSY 1001; six additional semester hours in Women’s Studies or six additional semester hours in Psychology Social justice encompasses research, activism and current events about manifestations of social oppression and social change

Description: This course focuses upon psychological theory and self-identity in the context of multicultural and social justice issues (classism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, and ableism). Lectures, readings, and discussions are integrated with a required service learning placement involving 30 hours of volunteer work in a setting for the underserved. Students have the opportunity to a) reflect on social oppressions; b) analyze the political systems that surround their communities and institutions; and c) apply their reflections to their career goals and personal development.

Note: Credit will be granted for only one prefix: WMS or PSY.

University Requirement(s): Multicultural

Cross Listed Course(s): WMS 3170

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