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Health Care Management Major, B.S.

Department of Health Professions 

College of Health and Applied Sciences 

  Available Program Format(s): Online, In-Person, Hybrid 

About the Program

The Health Care Management program has been an icon for excellence in health care management education for over four decades.

The program provides students with course and experiential learning. Coursework includes health care foundations, organization and management, jurisprudence, global health, aging services, and leadership. Combined with other disciplines, such as marketing, information technology, accounting, and economics, the program prepares students for direct entry into management within the health care field, continuation to graduate school, and/or advancement within the health care field.

General Degree Requirements

To earn a degree, students must satisfy all requirements in each of the four areas below, in addition to their individual major requirements. 

  • Degree and Certificate Requirements 
  • General Studies Requirements 
  • Multicultural Graduation Requirements 
  • Senior Experience Graduation Requirements 

Program Requirements

  • A total of 120 semester hours are required for graduation. 
  • A grade of C or better is required for each course in this program to count toward the bachelor’s degree. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required. 
  • A minor is required for this program. 

General Studies Requirements: 33 credits

Students should consult the General Studies Requirements for a list of courses that fulfill the General Studies Requirements for degree completion.  

  • Written Communication (6 credits) 
  • Oral Communication (3 credits) 
  • Quantitative Literacy (3 credits) 
  • Arts and Humanities (6 credits) 
  • Historical (3 credits) 
  • Natural and Physical Sciences (6 credits) 
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 credits) 
  • Global Diversity (0 or 3 credits**)


** Students will fulfill the global diversity requirement by taking an approved course within one of the following categories: arts and humanities; historical; natural and physical sciences; or social and behavioral sciences. 

Multicultural Requirement: 0 or 3 credits

  • Students should consult the Multicultural Graduation Requirements for a list of courses that fulfill the Multicultural Requirement for degree completion.  
  • Many programs include courses that meet this requirement. Students should consult with their advisor to determine what program courses may fulfill this requirement. 

Required Support Courses: 12-13 credits

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ACC 2010 - Principles of Accounting I Credits: 3
ECO 2020 - Principles of Microeconomics ** Credits: 3
MKT 3000 - Principles of Marketing Credits: 3
MTH 1210 - Introduction to Statistics *** Credits: 4


PSY 2310 - Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences Credits: 3


* Meets Multicultural Requirement
** Meets General Studies Social and Behavioral Sciences Requirement
*** Meets General Studies Quantitative Literacy Requirement

Required Courses: 36 credits

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
HCM 2010 - Global Health Systems Credits: 3
HCM 2500 - Health Care Management Foundations, Professionalism, and Applications Credits: 3
HCM 3030 - Health Care Jurisprudence Credits: 3
HCM 3150 - Health Care Organization and Management Credits: 3
HCM 3400 - Human Resources Management in Health Care Credits: 3
HCM 3500 - Health Care Research Methods Credits: 3
HCM 3600 - Health Information Systems Credits: 3
HCM 3700 - Health Disparities in the U.S. * Credits: 3
HCM 3800 - Long-Term Care: Managing Across the Continuum Credits: 3
HCM 4030 - Financial Management in Health Care Credits: 3
HCM 4040 - Health Care Economics Credits: 3
HCM 4300 - Strategic Management in Health Care Credits: 3

Electives: 3 credits

Choose 3 credits from the following electives:

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
HCPS 3000 - Introduction to Patient Navigation Credits: 3
HCM 3100 - Entrepreneurship in Health Credits: 1
HCM 3200 - Managing Quality in Health Care Credits: 2
HCM 3550 - Leadership in Health Care Credits: 1
PUB 3010 - Community Health Survey, Assessment and Health Improvement Planning Credits: 3
PUB 3020 - Introduction to Epidemiology in Public Health Credits: 3
PUB 3030 - Essentials of Environmental Health in Public Health Practices Credits: 3
HCM 3750 - Professional Practice Management Credits: 1
HCPS 4000 - Health Care Operations Credits: 3
HCPS 4010 - Evidence Based Health Care Delivery Credits: 3


Subtotal: 3 credits

Senior Experience: 6 credits

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
HCM 4610 - HCM Internship II Credits: 6

Summary of Requirements

General Studies Requirements 33 credits
Multicultural Requirement 0-3 credits
Required Support Courses 12-13 credits
Required Courses 36 credits
Required Electives 3 credits
Senior Experience 6 credits
Minor and Unrestricted Electives 26-39 credits
Total for the Health Care Management Major, B.S. 120 credits

Required courses for the major may also count for General Studies and Multicultural requirements, so the total credits listed may be greater than the number required to complete the degree. Therefore, it is important that you work with your advisor to make sure you are meeting requirements for your degree.