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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC

Air Force ROTC (UC-B) Folsom Stadium, 218
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, Colorado 80309

U.S. Air Force ROTC offers several programs leading to a commission in the US Air Force upon receipt of at least a baccalaureate degree.

Standard Four-Year Program

This program is in three parts: the General Military Course (GMC) for lower-division students; the Professional Officer Course (POC) for upper-division students; and the Leadership Laboratory (LLAB), attended by all cadets. Completion of the GMC is a prerequisite for entry into the POC. Completion of a four-week summer training course is required prior to commissioning.

Modified Two-Year Program

This program is offered to full-time, regularly enrolled degree students. It requires at least two years of full-time college (undergraduate or graduate level, or a combination). Those selected for this program must complete a six-week field-training program during the summer months as a prerequisite for entry into the POC the following fall semester.

Leadership Lab
All AFROTC cadets must attend LLAB (one and one-half hours per week). The laboratory involves a study of Air Force customs and courtesies, drills and ceremonies, career opportunities, and the life and work of an Air Force junior officer.

Other AFROTC Programs
Other programs are frequently available based on current Air Force needs. Any AFROTC staff member in Boulder at 303-492-8351 can discuss the best alternatives. Interested students should make initial contact as early as possible because selection is on a competitive basis. There is no obligation until a formal contract is entered.

Air Force College Scholarship Program
Students participating in Air Force ROTC may be eligible to compete for Air Force ROTC college scholarships. Students selected for this program are placed on scholarships that pay tuition, book allowances, nonrefundable educational fees, and a subsistence of $250-$400 per month, tax-free. All cadets enrolled in the POC receive a month subsistence during the regular academic year. Two- and three-year scholarships are available to both men and women in all academic disciplines.

Flight Opportunities
Prior to entering the fourth year of the AFROTC program, qualified AFROTC students can compete for pilot allocations. Cadets are eligible to fly with the Civil Air Patrol as ROTC members.

USAF Medical Programs
Qualified pre-med or nursing students can compete for premed or nursing scholarships and programs. These scholarships and programs can lead to a rewarding career as an Air Force officer, serving as a doctor or nurse.

AFROTC Course Credit
AFROTC courses may be worth up to 16 credit hours toward graduation depending on degree.

Students who wish to register for AFROTC classes sign up for them through the normal course registration process. AFROTC classes begin with the AFR prefix.