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2008-2009 College Catalog 
2008-2009 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Honors Program

The Honors Program provides an academic program for highly motivated students with broad academic interests. The program provides honors sections of General Studies courses, interdisciplinary courses and courses within the majors and minors.

Honors courses are small in order to encourage class participation and enhance the relationship between students and faculty members. Honors classes are designed to promote independent thought and creative inquiry. The Director of the Honors Program and the Honors faculty provide academic advising and serve as mentors to students as they consider their post-graduate goals. The Honors Program serves as a Learning Community at Metro State. The program encourages Service Learning, sponsors an annual Honors Conference, and offers study-abroad courses which allow students to explore ideas outside the classroom. A student who completes 24 semester hours of honors courses, including the Senior Thesis, will receive honors recognition on his/her transcript. Students admitted to the Honors Program are eligible to apply for an Honors Scholarship.

All students are welcome to apply to the Honors Program. An Honors application form may be obtained from the Honors Program Director or the Honors Web site. Additional information on the Honors Program is available by calling 303-556-4865/  303-352-4183, by visiting West Classroom 147, or by seeing

Subtotal: 9

Track I:

The General Studies focus of this track provides students with a strong foundation of knowledge and creative inquiry valuable for students in majors across the college.

Required Courses 9
Honors General Studies courses 12
Honors Electives 3
Total Hours Required 24

Track II:

This track includes courses in the major and/or minor, allowing flexibility for those students entering the Honors program with all or most of their General Studies fulfilled.

Required Courses 9
Honors Electives 15
Total Hours Required 24