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2008-2009 College Catalog 
2008-2009 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Administration Minor

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Public administration is the study of governmental organizations, their management, and how government policies are formulated and carried out. The Political Science Department offers a minor in public administration available to students interested in a career in government service, to students presently employed in government who wish to increase their skills and job status, and to students planning to take postgraduate work in public administration.

Required Courses:

Basic courses required for all public administration minors:

Subtotal: 6

Subtotal: 6

Subtotal: 3-4


Total: 18-19

Additional Information:

A governmental internship will be required of all students for a minimum of one semester and a minimum of three semester hours.

It is recommended that public administration minors also take a course in both public speaking and in technical writing.

Also available to students is a program of courses leading to a recognition of completion award in public administration presented by the Political Science Department. Students may earn the award by successfully completing a selection of courses amounting to 21 semester hours. Contact the Political Science Department for details.

In addition to scheduled classes, political science students are encouraged to enroll for at least one offcampus internship. Students may receive credit for practical work experience in various areas of government service. Placement in a governmental position may be initiated by the student, Cooperative Education, or the Political Science Department. Interested students should contact the Political Science Department for details.

Courses with Variable Topics
Not listed among the regular courses are a variety of topics courses and self-paced courses that give the student a greater variety of choice. Please be sure to check the current online Class Schedule on MSCD’s Web site ( for these classes, which can be repeated for credit under different titles.

Washington, D.C. Program
During the summer session, the department offers a special program in Washington, D.C., aimed at providing students with a unique perspective on the nation’s political system. The program combines on-campus meetings and relevant readings with a module held in Washington. Please contact the department about this program. Also, the department works with students interested in an internship in Washington, D.C., during summer, fall, or spring semesters.

Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership
The Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership is connected to the historic Golda Meir House on the Auraria campus. The center is organized and operated through the Political Science Department. The center’s purpose is to develop programs that examine the role of leaders and leadership at all levels of the political process; blend together theoretical and applied politics; and emphasize voices and perspectives that expand the boundaries of traditional leadership analysis.

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