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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Athletic Training Major, B.S.

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The Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) is an extended major within the Department of Human Performance and Sport. It is designed for the student desiring a career in the allied health care field of Athletic Training. The objective of the ATEP at MSU Denver is the professional preparation of athletic training students, qualifying them to sit for the Board of Certification Examination (BOC). Upon successful completion of the BOC exam, and all degree requirements, the athletic training student may practice as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).

Please note: In order for a student to qualify to sit for the BOC exam, they must graduate from an Athletic Training Education Program accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). MSU Denver’s ATEP is fully accredited by the CAATE.

  • The Athletic Training Education Program at MSU Denver is accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The MSU Denver ATEP has earned full accreditation status of ten years and is accredited through 2019.
  • In order to be eligible to take the National Athletic Trainers’ Board of Certification examination students must graduate from an Athletic Training Education Program accredited by the CAATE.
  • Completion of the MSU Denver ATEP eliminates the need for a minor as it is considered an extended major.
  • Students enrolled in the MSU Denver ATEP may be required to undergo a background check with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and/or a different background check as required by any required clinical site.

Students must complete the following steps and then formally APPLY to the Athletic Training Education Program.

  1. Meet with an ATEP advisor to declare the Athletic Training Major
  2. Have completed (or be enrolled at time of applying): BIO 1080, BIO 1090, HPS 1623, and HPS 2060 with a grade of “C” or better (or be in the process of taking these courses such that they are completed satisfactorily before the ATEP clinical sequence officially begins)
  3. Have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4-point scale, or 3.0 or better in the last 30 credit hours completed
  4. Have proof of current immunizations for DPT, MMR, TB, and hepatitis B (or HBV declination)
    1. Proof of negative TB test must be within past 6 years
    2. DPT immunization must be less than 7 years old
  5. Provide proof of current CPR certification for the professional rescuer/health care provider with AED that will be current through finals week of the semester of continuation.

After completing the above steps, students must complete the ATEP application packet. The application packet can be picked up from the ATEP Director or Clinical Coordinator in the PE Building, Office 217. This packet is also handed out during the HPS 1623 class. Instructions to complete the application are included with the packet.

For current MSU DENVER students: The complete application packet is due to the ATEP Director or Clinical Coordinator no later than March 1st in order to be considered for continuation and beginning the athletic training sequenced courses. Students who are not currently enrolled in any MSU Denver classes (True transfer students): Application Deadline is May 15th. Please note that missing documents may delay or prevent you from entering the clinical portion of the ATEP.

Following submission of all application materials, students will be notified of their status within two weeks of the application deadline. All accepted students will be required to attend a group ATEP advising/information session (time and date determined during every application cycle). Students are notified of this meeting via their official MSU Denver student e-mail account by either the ATEP Clinical Education Coordinator or Director (Transfer students without an official MSU Denver e-mail account will be notified via phone or e-mail given on application).

* Equivalent transfer courses may be considered on an individual basis.

Following completion of the pre-requisite courses, all students, including transfer students, must meet specific criteria to continue in the ATEP and begin the remaining six-semester sequence of athletic training co-requisite, didactic/clinical courses. This sequence begins each fall. Please note the following:

Six semesters are required to complete the athletic training education program.

The sequence begins only in the fall semester.

While a student is enrolled and active in the formal clinical sequence of the MSU Denver ATEP they must maintain the following throughout the required six semesters:

  • Carry individual/personal student athletic trainer malpractice/liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000/$3,000,000. **specific information regarding this insurance will be given to the students upon admission to the ATEP

Candidates for continuation (and all ATEP students) in the MSU Denver ATEP must also demonstrate the following ATEP technical standards as required by the CAATE (standard #65):

  1. The mental capacity to assimilate, analyze, synthesize, and integrate concepts and problem solving to formulate assessment and therapeutic judgments and to be able to distinguish deviations from the norm;
  2. Sufficient postural and neuromuscular control, sensory function, and coordination to perform appropriate physical examinations using accepted techniques; and accurately, safely and efficiently use equipment and materials during the assessment and treatment of patients;
  3. The ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and colleagues, including individuals from different cultural and social backgrounds; this includes, but is not limited to, the ability to establish rapport with patients and communicate judgments and treatment information effectively. Students must be able to understand and speak the English language at a level consistent with competent professional practice;
  4. The ability to record the physical examination results and a treatment plan clearly and accurately;
  5. The capacity to maintain composure and continue to function well during periods of high stress;
  6. The perseverance, diligence, and commitment to complete the athletic training education program as outlined and sequenced;
  7. Flexibility and the ability to adjust to changing situations and uncertainty in clinical situations;
  8. Affective skills and appropriate demeanor and rapport that relate to professional education and quality patient care.

Following initial continuation and completion the first semester of the athletic training six-semester sequence, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and a major GPA of 2.75. If either GPA falls below the minimum, one of the following will occur:

  • The student will be placed on probation and have one academic year to bring the GPA(s) up to acceptable levels, while remaining in the course sequence. The student will be notified via email, per electronic mail being the official form of communication at MSU Denver. It will then be the student’s responsibility to set up an appointment with either an ATEP director or clinical coordinator to discuss a plan for improvement.
  • If the student fails to bring the GPA(s) up to acceptable levels after one academic year, the student will be suspended from the major until the GPA(s) minimums are achieved. Resumption of the ATEP will commence in the appropriate sequential semester.
  • If, after two years, the student does not bring the GPA(s) to acceptable levels, the student will be dismissed from the ATEP.
  • If the GPA(s) are raised to the minimum, the dismissal may be appealed.

Program Requirements

All candidates for a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training must satisfy the General Studies, the Multicultural and the department requirements as described below. A grade of “C” or better is required for each course in this program to count toward the Bachelor’s degree. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required.

**Please note: The majority of the mandatory athletic training clinical experience (ATCE) hours occur in the afternoons, evenings and also on weekends.

General Studies Requirements

Oral Communication: 3 credits

See the General Studies section of this catalog for approved courses.

Quantitative Literacy: 3 credits

Arts and Humanities: 6 credits

See the General Studies section of this catalog for approved courses.**

Historical: 3 credits

See the General Studies section of this catalog for approved courses.**

Social and Behavioral Sciences I: 3 credits

See the General Studies section of this catalog for approved courses.**,***

Social and Behavioral Sciences II: 3 credits

General Studies Total: 35-36 credits

Multicultural Course: 3 credits

See the General Studies section of this catalog for approved courses.


*See catalog for prerequisites and graduation requirements.

**See catalog for corequisites.

***Certain General Studies courses meet the Multicultural requirement.


Elective Total: 16-20 credits (courses chosen by student)

GRAND TOTAL: 120 credits

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