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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Major, B.A.

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For students majoring in English, the program provides a foundation in literature, language, writing, visual literacy, and teaching. Thus students’ command of written language, their ability to analyze concepts, and their broad understanding of human nature and social realities will enable them to be competitive in a variety of fields, including education, business, and civil service or, with appropriate graduate work, in professions such as law and higher education.

The English major may choose to delcare no concentration, or the English Major may choose to delcare a concentration in one of the following:

  • literature
  • writing
  • secondary school teaching, leading to licensure

Students who are considering a major in the English Department are expected to consult with faculty for advising. Students in elementary or secondary licensure programs should consult with advisors in the School of Education as well.

To receive major or minor credit for any ENG or LING prefix course, the student must receive a grade of “C-” or better. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required.

English Major (No Concentration)

Required Courses

Entry Course

Writing Course

Select one of the following:

Linguistics Course

Select one of the following:

Diversity Courses

Select one from each of the following three categories:

English Electives

Select 9 semester hours of English electives at the 2000-level or above in consultation with an advisor.

Select 15 semester hours of English electives at the 3000-level or above in consultation with an advisor.

Subtotal: 24 credits

Capstone Course

Literature Concentration

The literature concentration encompasses a range of American, British, and World literatures; students examine how written texts record the complex interactions between particular people and cultures in history. The curriculum explores major periods, movements, issues, forms, and innovations, as well as a large number of important authors of diverse backgrounds. Through the analysis of such literatures, students develop the critical skills to negotiate texts in contexts, in order better to engage with writing and with life in the world. Because of their command of the written language and their ability to deal with ideas and concepts as well as facts, literature majors are valued in many fields, including academe, law, and business.

Linguistics Course

Select one of the following:

English Electives

Select 3 semester hours of 2000-level or above English (ENG-prefix) electives in consultation with an advisor.

Subtotal: 3 credits

Capstone Course

Secondary School Teaching Concentration:

The secondary education concentration in English, offered in conjunction with the Colorado State Department of Education licensure program, prepares future secondary teachers of English to understand and teach the diverse subject matter required for licensure. This program equips students with a wide variety of language principles and skills; practical experience in developing and teaching the processes of writing; sound knowledge of approaches to literature and literary genres; periods and authors (including a special focus on young adult literature); and an understanding of communication and media as used in English studies. In addition to meeting specified state and departmental requirements, this program offers students the opportunity to develop further specialization in writing, language, or literature to complement the major.

Total: 15

Language Core:

Total: 3

Total: 6

Total: 9

Upper Level Electives:

Two upper-division English courses, at least one of which must be a literature course, selected in consultation with and approved by a designated English advisor: 6

Total: 45

Writing Concentration:

The writing concentration major provides extensive study, practice, and opportunity for performance in various modes and genres of writing as well as a foundation in the appreciation of the literary heritage in English. The program immerses students in reading, writing, and language and helps prepare them for graduate school or vocation while clearly placing them in the tradition of the liberal arts.

Literature Course:

Lower-Division Literature Courses:

2000-Level, including ENG 2100: 9

Upper-Division Literature Courses:

3000-Level or 4000-Level, including either ENG 3100 or ENG 3440: 9

Subtotal: 18

Language and Linguistics Course:

Select one, in consultation with a faculty advisor, ENG 2010 or ENG 3030.

Semester Hours of Language and Linguistics Required: 3

Writing Course:

Subtotal: 3

Subtotal: 12

Specialized Writing Courses:

Subtotal: 6

Senior Experience Course:


Total Semester Hours of Writing Required: 24

Total Semester Hours Required: 45

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