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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Banking Major, B.S.

All candidates for a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking must satisfy the General Studies requirements, the business core course requirements, the College of Business requirements and the major requirements described in the following sections. The basic structure of the Banking program is:

Required Courses Semester Hours
General Studies 34
Business Core 36
College of Business requirements 6
Major in Banking 30
Unrestricted Electives* 14
Total Hours (minimum) 120

* MSU Denver’s Multicultural requirement may be satisfied by taking an approved Multicultural course in the General Studies or electives portion of the degree requirement.

NOTE: Unrestricted Elective credits may vary. Total unrestricted electives must be sufficient for student to meet MSU Denver’s minimum required 120 credit hours.

General Studies: 34 credits

The academic foundation for a successful business career or graduate work is a broad liberal arts education.

Required Courses

Written Communication

  • Choose Any Approved

Arts and Humanities

  • Arts and Humanities electives


  • Historical elective

Natural and Physical Sciences

  • Natural and Physical Sciences electives

Global Diversity

Students may satisfy the Global Diversity requirement by completing any course designated as Global Diversity within one of the following General Studies categories: Arts and Humanities; Historical; Natural and Physical Sciences; Social and Behavioral Sciences. Students may also use an unrestricted elective to satisfy this requirement.

See General Studies Requirements  


* MTH 1110 or MTH 1400, with graphing calculator experience strongly recommended, is acceptable for transfer students or students changing their major. Consult with the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department on substitutions.

Business Core

All business majors require foundation course work in all significant areas of business theory and practice. The following courses are required for all majors in banking. A grade of “C-” or better must be earned in each business core course to have that course count toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Banking. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required. 

Required Courses

Total Hours Required in Business Core: 36

College of Business Requirements

Total Hours for College of Business Requirement: 6

Banking Major Requirements:

Banking majors must complete the Banking core and a concentration. Banking majors may either pursue a concentration in Compliance or Financial Analysis or complete the major without a concentration by choosing from a set of courses in consultation with an advisor. A minimum grade of “C” is required for courses in the major.

Banking Core:

Compliance Concentration

Financial Analysis Concentration

Banking Major with no Concentration


To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking, a student must successfully complete 30 or more credit hours of business coursework at MSU Denver. This 30-hour residency requirement can be met by completing any business courses with the prefix ACC, ACCM, BNK, CIS, ECO, FIN, MGT and MKT and a course number of at least 2000, except FIN 2250. A student must complete at least twelve (12) upper-division semester hours in courses with a BNK prefix at MSU Denver.