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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The Metropolitan State University of Denver is governed by the Board of Trustees-Metropolitan State University of Denver. The members are appointed by the Governor of Colorado and approved by the Senate.

Board of Trustees

Date of First Appointment

Term Expires 

Elaine Gantz Berman
Christopher Harder, Ph.D., Faculty Trustee
Terrance Carroll, J.D.
Wendy Dominguez
Judith George, Alumni Representative
Barbara Barnes Grogan, Vice Chair
Lacey Hyde, Student Trustee
Walter Isenberg
Michelle M. Lucero, J.D.
James Mulligan, J.D.
John Pogge, J.D., Chair
William Jeffrey Shoemaker


Office of the President

Janine Davidson, Ph.D.
Interim Vice President for Administration, Finance and Facilities/CFO George Middlemist, Ph.D., C.P.A.
Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Vicki L. Golich, Ph.D.
Vice President of Strategy/Chief of Staff Catherine B. Lucas, B.A., APR
Vice President of Student Affairs Will Simpkins, Ed.D.
Vice President of University Advancement and Executive Director of the MSU Denver Foundation Christine Márquez-Hudson
General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees
David Fine, Esq.
Deputy General Counsel Nicholas Stancil, Esq.
Interim Associate to the President for Diversity
Shawn Worthy, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator
Raúl M. Sánchez, J.D.
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Anthony Grant, Ph.D.
Special Assistant to the President for HSI Angela Marquez, Ph.D.

Strategy, Marketing and Communications

Associate Vice President of Strategic Communications Dan Vaccaro
Associate to the Vice President for Special Initiatives Yvonne Flood
Director of Client Services Jacque Williams
Director of Communications John Arnold
Director of Digital Strategy Miguel Garza Wicker
Director of Government Affairs Tyler Mounsey
Director of Media Relations Tim Carroll


Academic Affairs Division

Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs

Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs
Vicki L. Golich, Ph.D.

Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness

Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness
Chad Harris, Ph.D.  
Director of Academic Effectiveness Kim Barron, M.A.  
Director of the Access Center Greg Sullivan, M.S.  
Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design Jeffrey T. Loats, Ph.D.  
Co-Director of Program Review
David Bechtold, Ph.D.  
Co-Director of Program Review Andrew Holt, Ph.D.  

Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Studies
Shannon Campbell, Ph.D.

Innovative and Lifelong Learning

Associate Vice President for Innovative and Lifelong Learning
Director of Online Programs Matt Griswold, Ed.D.

Sponsored Research and Programs

Director of the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Elizabeth Parmelee, Ph.D.
Director of Advising Systems
Stephanie Allen, M.A.
Director of the Center for Individualized Learning
Kim VanHoosier-Carey, Ph.D.
Director of the Honors Program
Megan Hughes, Ph.D.
Executive Director of the Office of International Studies
Akbarali Thobhani, Ph.D.
Director of the Writing Center
Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Ph.D.


Administration, Finance and Facilities Division

Office of the Vice President for Administration, Finance and Facilities

Interim Vice President for Administration, Finance, and Facilities
George Middlemist, Ph.D., C.P.A.
Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance
George Middlemist, Ph.D., C.P.A.
Chief of Staff to the Vice President for Administration, Finance and Facilities
Leone Schulz, B.A
CIO/Associate Vice President Information Technology Services Kevin Taylor, M.B.A.
Director of Accounting Services
Liza Larsen, M.B.A, C.P.A.
Director of Budget
Jinous Lari, M.B.A., C.P.A.
Christina Nguyen
Executive Director, Office of University Effectiveness and Director of Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis
Sarah Harman, M.F.A.
Director of Facilities Planning and Space Management
Tina Wells, B.S.
Director of Human Resources
Director of Institutional Research
Ellen Boswell, B.S.
Director of ITS Client Services Nick Pistentis, M.S.
Director of ITS Infrastructure Services and Chief Information Security Officer Michael Hart, B.S.


Student Affairs Division

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs
Will Simpkins, Ed.D.
Director of Operations and Planning for Student Affairs
Emily Willan, B.S.

Career Engagement

Executive Director of Classroom to Career Initiatives Adrienne Martinez, M.S.W.
Director of the Applied Learning Center Rhonda Eaker, Ph.D.
Director of Career Services
Bridgette Coble, Ph.D.

Enrollment Management

Interim Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management Thad Spaulding, B.A.
Executive Director of Admissions and Outreach Vaughn Toland, M.A.
Director of Admissions Internal Operations Marlynn Rocha-Vasquez, B.A.
Director of Enrollment Management Systems and Operations Michael Nguyen, B.S.
Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships Thad Spaulding, B.A.
Director of Financial Aid Operations and Systems Tyler Resch, B.A.
Director of Orientation, Transition, Retention Megan Scherzberg, Ph.D.
Director of Recruitment Morgan Raleigh, M.Ed.
Interim Registrar Connie Sanders
Executive Director of Roadways Lunden MacDonald, Ph.D.
Director of Student Support and Retention Vacant
Director of MSU Denver Testing Services Russell Reynolds
Director of the Center for Urban Education and TRIO High School Upward Bound Carla Mirabelli, M.P.A.

Student Engagement and Wellness

Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Wellness/Dean of Students Braelin Pantel, M.A.
Associate Dean for the Center of Student Equity and Achievement
Brandi Scott, M.S.
Associate Dean for Student Engagement and Wellness/Dean of Students
Dave Haden, M.S.
Director for Behavioral Intervention and Student Conduct
Kelli Frank, M.S.
Director of Campus Recreation
Diane Yee, M.S.
Interim Director, College Assistance Migrant Program Raquel Jimenez, M.S.W.
Director of the Center for Multicultural Excellence and Inclusion
Cynthia Baron, M.S.W.
Executive Director of the Counseling Center Gail Bruce-Sanford, Ph.D.
Director of the Health Center at Auraria Steve Monaco, M.S.
Director of the Immigrant Services Program Gregor Mieder, M.A.
Director of the LGBTQ Student Resource Center
Steve Willich, B.S.
Director of Met Media Steve Haigh, B.A.
Director of Student Activities Vacant
Director of TRIO Student Support Services Allyson Garcia, M.A.
Director of Veteran and Military Student Services Vacant
Director for Veteran and Military Benefits Ted Jimenez, B.S.


University Advancement Division

Office of the Vice President for University Advancement

Vice President of University Advancement and Executive Director of the MSU Denver Foundation
Christine Márquez-Hudson
Chief Financial and Operating Officer/Chief Strategic Business Analyst
Steve DeVisser
Assistant Vice President of Strategic Engagement
Jamie Hurst
Associate Vice President for University Advancement/Campaign Director
Brett Befus
Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Megan Conklin
Director of Alumni Relations Brandi Rideout
Director of Annual Giving Breanne Milnes
Senior Director of Development Gwen Thompson
Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Special Events
Traci McBee Rowe
Director of Major Gifts Steve Galpern
Director of Prospect Management and Analytics Rachael Wilfahrt


Academic Administrators

College of Business

Ann B. Murphy, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Chittibabu Govindarajulu, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Bill D. Herman, Ph.D.
Chair, Accounting
Gregory Clifton, J.D.
Chair, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics
Abel Moreno, Ph.D.
Chair, Economics
Arthur Fleisher III, Ph.D.
Chair, Finance
Paul Camp, Ph.D.
Chair, Management
Debora Gilliard, Ph.D.
Chair, Marketing
Nicole Vowles, Ph.D.

College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Interim Dean
Arlene Sgoutas, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Ibon Izurieta, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Jason Janke, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Linda Lang-Peralta, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Marina Pereira, M.S.W.
Chair, Africana Studies
Douglas Mpondi, Ph.D.
Chair, Art
Deanne Pytlinksi, Ph.D.
Chair, Biology
Ford Lux, Ph.D.
Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Andrew Bonham, Ph.D.
Chair, Chicano Studies
Ramon del Castillo, Ph.D.
Chair, Communication Arts and Sciences
Daniel Lair, Ph.D.
Department Head, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
James Harris, Ph.D.
Chair, English
Rebecca Gorman O’Neill, M.F.A
Chair, History
James Drake, Ph.D.
Chair, Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Lindsay Packer, Ph.D.
Chair, Modern Languages
Maria Akrabova, Ph.D.
Chair, Music
Peter Schimpf, Ph.D.
Chair, Philosophy
Brian Hutchinson, Ph.D.
Chair, Physics
Richard Krantz, Ph.D.
Chair, Political Science
Robert Hazan, Ph.D.
Chair, Psychological Sciences
Layton Curl, Ph.D.
Chair, Sociology and Anthropology
Melissa Monson, Ph.D.
Chair, Theatre
Scott Lubinski, M.F.A.
Interim Director of the Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy
Kat Martinez, Ph.D.
Director of the Center for Advanced STEM Education
Hsiu-Ping Liu, Ph.D.
Director of the Mathematics Peer Study Program
Elena Foster
Director of the First Year Writing
Jessica Parker, Ph.D.
Director of the Family Literacy Program
Adriann Wycoff, Ph.D.
Director of the Writing Center
Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Ph.D.

College of Professional Studies

Jennifer Capps, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
AnnJanette Alejano-Steele, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Rebecca Trammell, Ph.D.
Director, Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Sciences
Robert Park, Ph.D.
Chair, Aviation and Aerospace Science
Jeffrey Forrest, Ph.D.
Chair, Criminal Justice and Criminology
Henry Jackson, Jr., Ph.D.
Chair, Engineering and Engineering Technology
Mingli He, Ph.D.
Interim Director of the Health Institute
Emily Matuszewicz, D.C.
Interim Chair, Health Professions
Jeffrey Helton, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism
Christian Hardigree, J.D.
Chair, Human Performance and Sport
Ruth Ann Nyhus, Ph.D.
Chair, Human Services and Counseling
Annie Butler, M.A.
Chair, Industrial Design
Ted Shin, M.F.A.
Chair, Journalism and Media Production
Shaun Schafer, Ph.D.
Chair, Nursing
Terry Buxton, Ph.D.
Chair, Nutrition
Kathy Heyl, M.S.
Chair, Social Work
Jessica Retrum, Ph.D.
Director of the One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship
Tom Cech, M.S.
ROTC Office
Captain Anthony Valenzano

School of Education

Elizabeth Hinde, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Robert Nava, Ph.D.
Chair, Elementary Education and Literacy
Deborah Horan, Ph.D.
Chair, Secondary, K-12, and Educational Technology
Hsin-Te Yeh, Ph.D.
Chair, Special Education, Early Childhood and Culturally/Linguistically Diverse Education
Rebecca Canges, Ed.D.