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2009-2010 College Catalog 
2009-2010 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ART 4704 - Student Teaching and Seminar: Secondary 7–12


Prerequisite: Successful completion of all requirements of the concentration in art education including ART 4201 and the Secondary Education Program; initial sign off on program requirements (eg teacher work sample/portfolio) by faculty advisor

Prerequisite/Corequisite: ART 4703

This course is a supervised, full-time, eight-week, student-teaching experience in an accredited public or private secondary school, providing increasing responsibility for the instruction, assessment, and supervision of an identified group of learners, 7-12 grade levels. Regularly scheduled observations and five hours of seminar conducted by an appointed college supervisor are part of the student teaching requirement. Teacher candidates must complete a teacher work sample and be rated as proficient in all Performance-Based Standards for Colorado Teachers to receive MSCD recommendation for teacher licensure.(Senior Experience)

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