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2009-2010 College Catalog 
2009-2010 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ECE 4370 - Developmentally Appropriate Practice II: The Integrated Curriculum and Technology

3(3 + 0)

Prerequisite: ECE 2340, ECE 2350, ECE 3150, ECE 3160, RDG 3120; and junior standing

Corequisite: ECE 4380

Students learn how to organize, schedule, sequence, and integrate available resources and technology in order to implement developmentally appropriate early childhood programs responsive to children’s diverse needs and state and national standards. Content areas include planning, classroom organization and management, curriculum, technology, securing and implementing resources to achieve child and program outcomes, and practices of effective developmentally appropriate teaching techniques. This course is accompanied by ECE 4380, which provides the field-based setting for the performance tasks.

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