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2009-2010 College Catalog 
2009-2010 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Role and Mission:

Department of English faculty share a heritage in which language, writing, literature, and the art of teaching are valued as cornerstones of a liberal education. Representing distinct specializations, we form a community of readers and writers who pursue the study of humane letters for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The English Department provides students from across the College with courses that fulfill the Level I General Studies requirement in English composition: English 1010 Freshman Composition: The Essay and English 1020 Freshman Composition: Research, Analysis, and Documentation. The department also teaches literature and linguistics courses that meet the Level II General Studies requirement in Arts and Letters. Thus, in keeping with the liberal arts tradition of general education, the department promotes both the basic intellectual skills of critical reading and writing and the kind of understanding of the human condition that comes from the experience and appreciation of literature.

For students majoring or minoring in English, the program provides a foundation in literature, language, writing, and teaching. Thus students’ command of written language, their ability to analyze concepts, and their broad understanding of human nature and social realities will enable them to be competitive in a variety of fields, including education, business, and civil service or, with appropriate graduate work, in professions such as law and higher education.

English department faculty members develop professionally in a variety of ways appropriate to their disciplines, from maintaining currency in the curricula they teach and the instructional technology they employ to scholarly and creative work leading to various forms of publication and presentation. They serve the College and community by volunteering in schools or other organizations concerned with the written word and by sharing with their fellow citizens the insights of teacher-scholars educated in the tradition of the liberal arts.

The English Department offers instruction in literature, writing, language and linguistics and in elementary and secondary English education. Courses in each area appeal to students in every school of the College who wish to read and understand representative literatures of the world; to examine the principles underlying how language works; and to cultivate their writing skills.

The department invites students in other disciplines to select English courses to enhance their general education. Students may also choose an English major or minor from areas listed below.

Students who are considering a major or minor in the English Department are expected to consult with faculty for advising. Students in elementary or secondary licensure programs should consult with advisors in the appropriate education department as well.

The English major may choose a concentration in one of the following:

  • literature
  • writing
  • elementary school teaching, leading to licensure
  • secondary school teaching, leading to licensure

The English minor may choose a concentration in one of the following:

  • language and linguistics
  • literature
  • writing

The English Department assesses the major in designated Senior Experience courses. Portfolios of papers assigned through these courses will be read by members of the faculty. Senior Experience courses should not be taken until the student’s final year of study. Because these courses may not be offered every semester, students should discuss scheduling with English Department advisors.

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