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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Letters, Arts and Sciences


The mission of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences is to provide an integrated education to engage students in deliberative dialogues, undergraduate research and experiential learning. We prepare students to engage in civic problem-solving to address the most pressing issues in society, and to create an enriching life.

Academic Departments

The College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offers more than 50 major and minor programs through 19 departments and 1 Institute. The faculty teach the majority of the General Studies Program and help prepare students to be teachers in their content area. The College offers an interdisciplinary curriculum with programs of study in the humanities, and in social, natural, and mathematical sciences. The programs prepare students for careers, graduate work, and lifelong learning.

Academic Centers and Programs

Through centers, the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences advances educational and social goals:

  • The Center for Advanced STEM Education leads the effort to reform science and mathematics education in Colorado. The Center contributes to systemic change in education by building cooperative programs with other colleges and universities, public schools, and the Colorado Department of Education. The Center is the focal point for the Colorado Alliance for Science, a statewide alliance. The Center also develops programs and services for students from underrepresented groups in the areas of mathematics, science and environmental education. Currently, the Center is a site for the Colorado Alliance for Minority Participation (CO-AMP) and offers tutoring and mentoring services to these students. The Colorado Alliance for Science, a statewide alliance of universities, offers assistance and support to students and teachers to strengthen the community’s interest in science and mathematics.
  • The Golda Meir Center for Political Leadership is a nonpartisan, educational project designed to foster greater public understanding of the role and meaning of leadership at all levels of civic life, from community affairs to international relations.
  • The Family Literacy Program provides learning within a family context by offering four comprehensive home and school based literacy initiatives to enhance the relationships between parents and children.

  • Journey through Our Heritage is one of the nation’s most innovative and unique multi-cultural educational programs that partners college peer mentors with local high school students. Students engage in a year long program that enhances the public school system’s curriculum in the areas of African American, Native American Chicano/a, Mexicana/o, Mexican American and Latina/o Studies.