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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership Studies Minor

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Leadership is a subject of vital importance.  It is a topic that cuts across time and place, as well as traditional disciplinary boundaries.  As such, leadership is extremely relevant in a broad range of contexts from local and global politics to business, ethics, and education.  This minor offers students a conceptual understanding of leadership studies that, when combined with co-curricula and experiential components, provides them with an increased awareness of their role in a world of multi-layered change.

Electives: (12 credit hours)

I. Leadership Process and Organization

(2 to 9 credit hours)

II. Leaders in Context

(3 to 9 credit hours)

Subtotal: 12 credit hours

Internship/Service Learning (3 credit hours)

This 3-credit requirement can be fulfulled by either an internship or a service-learning experience offered through any department of the student’s choosing.  The internship or service-learning activity must follow the guidelines established by the participating department and must be approved by the director of the Leadership Studies program, as well.

Students who are in an ROTC program may count up to six hours of leadership-oriented courses in Military Science toward the Leadership Studies minor with approval of program coordinator.

Total for Minor: 21 credit hours

This includes participation in leadership projects and workshops.

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