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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

One Year General Education - ALP

MSU Denver offers a third alternative pathway to regular education elementary and secondary licensure. This Colorado Department of Education-approved, One-year Alternative Licensure Program (ALP 1) has been created to assist candidates with at least two years of contractual instructional experience. This program is based on the Colorado Performance-Based Standards (C.P.B.S.) for teachers. All ALP 1 candidates must attend a summer training module and create a teaching portfolio documenting proficiency on approximately half of the Colorado Performance-Based Standards for teachers based upon their previous contracted teaching experiences. Each candidate’s portfolio is then reviewed by the ALP portfolio committee, and an Individual Training Plan (ITP) is created, which identifies which C.P.B.S. were addressed successfully in the ALP 1 candidate’s portfolio and which C.P.B.S. must be addressed via ALP-1 assignments and classroom observations during the coming academic year.

As the designated agency, MSU Denver will serve candidates hired by participating districts to teach in one of their schools accordingly; the ALP candidate must enroll in the AL Program at MSU Denver. The Alternative Licensure Program is designed to be completed in one school year, during which each candidate will work as both a full-time teacher and full-time student.

The candidate earns 25 credit hours by attending MSU Denver seminar courses. Additionally, each candidate is responsible for completing the individualized training plan (ITP) in one year. By the end of the year, having completed all program requirements, the candidate will be recommended for an initial license by MSU Denver. College credit received for participating in the ALP is not interchangeable with the existing traditional licensure program curriculum and credit. Candidates must successfully complete the entire year to receive any college credit for the program and MSU Denver’s recommendation for licensure.

To participate in ALP 1, all candidates must:

  • Have a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).


  • Have a full time teaching job in the same content as the SOE in a Denver metro school district, charter school or accredited private school.

To get an SOE, the candidate must:

  • Submit the Application for an ALT: Statement of Eligibility to the CDE and include transcripts from a regionally-accredited college or university, showing a Baccalaureate degree.
  • Pass a Colorado Bureau of Investigation fingerprint check.


  • Elementary teachers must pass the PLACE (01) or the Praxis II (10014) Elementary Education content exam.
  • ECE teachers must pass the Early Childhood Place test #2 (ages birth through 8 years old) OR have the 24 semester hours of required content specific coursework shown on the transcript(s).
  • Secondary teachers must either pass the PLACE or the Praxis II content test OR have the 24 semester hours of required content specific coursework shown on the transcript(s).

In addition, all ALP 1 candidates will be required to:

  • Verify two years of contractual instructional teaching experience in their content area.
  • Demonstrate proficiency on approximately half of the Performance Based Standards for Teachers by means of a portfolio.

The ALP 1 Program is offered through Metro South Extended Campus offices at 5660 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 100. Please call 303-721-1313 for further information about the program or visit the website: msudenver.edu/alp.

Required Courses: 25 credits