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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Brewery Operations Major, B.S.

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The Bachelor of Science in Brewery Operations is a degree program designed for students and professionals looking to break into or further their career within the competitive brewing industry. Created for those wishing to have baccalaureate level training and for those looking to gain vital credentials and certifications, this degree will prepare them for the challenges they will face once they are employed in the beer world. Brewery professionals are involved in the operations, management, creation and analysis of beer in a brewery setting. The Bachelor of Science degree program in Brewery Operations provides a broad foundation in: 1) practical understanding and implementation of the brewing process and the ingredients of beer, 2) chemical and biological analysis and improvement of beer, 3) brewery management and operations, 4) serving and hospitality in the beer world, 5) packaging techniques, 6) draft quality and system design, 7) professional applications of theoretical knowledge. The program is one of the few bachelor degrees related specifically to beer and the brewing industry in the world.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Brewery Operations degree program will be able to:

  • Acquire Skills employers demand in the critical areas such as: brewhouse operations, brewing company management, quality control and analysis, proper serving techniques, sensory evaluation and brewery marketing;
  • Gain knowledge on current industry trends and considerations such as alcohol licensing and legal issues;
  • Assume supervisory, management and production positions in the brewing world;
  • Pursue graduate education in the brewing field;
  • Work in a variety of settings with diverse companies;
  • Change careers in the industry to work for suppliers of raw materials, breweries, distributors, retailers, government agencies, or non-profit associations; and contribute to the field as diverse professionals assisting in advancing beer and craft beer throughout the world.


  • Students can contact the Department of Hospitality, Tourism and Events at 303-615-1616 to schedule advising with the program director.
  • Students can also obtain advising through the College of Professional Studies advising office at 303-615-1099.


A grade of “C” or better is required for courses in this program to count toward the bachelor’s degree. Students should note that programs throughout the university may have different minimum passing grade requirements.

I. General Studies


Total for General Studies:36-39 credits

*General Studies Note: While students are free to select courses from the approved general studies list  in the University catalog, the following courses are highly recommended for brew pub operations majors.

Multicultural Graduation Requirement

Each student must choose at least one of the courses meeting the Multicultural Graduation Requirement. This may be completed within General Studies’ coursework.

II. Major Course Work

A. Science

B. Interdisciplinary

D. Beverage - Optional Courses - choose 2 of the 5 following courses*:

E. Operations

III. General Elective Credits

General Studies: 36-39 credits

Major Course Requirements: 63-67 credits

General Elective Credits: 14-21 credits*

Total for Degree: 120 credits


*Students must complete at least 40 upper division credit hours in order to graduate. Students should note that completing the required General Studies and Major coursework alone may not accomplish this goal and that they will likely need to take additional upper division courses as part of their General Electives.

Additional Requirements

Multicultural and Senior Experience: In addition to completing the general studies requirements, a student must complete a 3 semester hour, multicultural course and a 3-semester hour, senior experience course, or selection of courses, to be awarded a bachelor’s degree from MSU Denver. The multicultural course docs not require 3 semester hours as a separate category and can be taken in the major, minor, or as an elective. The designated senior experience course for brewery operations is BVG 4000 - Applied Brewing Operations  .

Present Adult CPR and First Aid Certification at stage of graduation: Students can take this course independently or as offered through Campus Recreation (two year certification for $60).

Maintain a grade point average of 2.5.

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