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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering Technology Major, B.S.

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Department of Engineering and Engineering Technology  

College of Aerospace, Computing, Engineering, and Design  

  Available Program Format(s): In-Person  

About the Program

The Electrical Engineering Technology curriculum emphasizes both theoretical and practical applications, providing MSU Denver students with a solid foundation in electrical engineering fundamentals, as well as hands-on laboratory work. This applied engineering emphasis allows students to experience the integration of engineering theory and practice. Electrical Engineering Technologists are employed in various industries ranging from large aerospace companies to small businesses applying engineering analysis to solve problems and design to enhance existing conditions. The Electrical Engineering Technology program at MSU Denver is aimed to educate students in the theoretical and applied skillsets necessary to work in a wide range of technology industry positions.  

This program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202, Telephone: (410) 347-7700 (abet.org). ABET, Inc. was formally known as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.

Student Outcomes

  1. an ability to apply knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to solve well-defined engineering problems appropriate to the discipline;
  2. an ability to design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the engineering design of systems, components, or processes appropriate to the discipline;
  3. an ability to apply written, oral, and graphical communication in well-defined technical and non-technical environments; and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature;
  4. an ability to conduct standard tests, measurements, and experiments and to analyze and interpret the results; and
  5. an ability to function effectively as a member of a technical team.

General Degree Requirements

To earn a degree, students must satisfy all requirements in each of the four areas below, in addition to their individual major requirements. 

Program Requirements

  • A total of 128 semester hours are required for graduation. 
  • A grade of “C” or better is required for each course in this program to count toward the bachelor’s degree.  
  • Any course used to satisfy a prerequisite for an EET course must be passed with a grade of C or better. 
  • All MTH, PHY, CHE courses must be passed with a grade of “C-” or better.

General Studies Requirements: 33 credits

Students should consult the General Studies Requirements for a list of courses that fulfill the General Studies Requirements for degree completion.  


* The listed courses are required ancillary courses for the major and can also fulfill general studies requirements 

** Students will fulfill the global diversity requirement by taking an approved course within one of the following categories: arts and humanities; historical; natural and physical sciences; or social and behavioral sciences. 

Ethnic Studies & Social Justice Requirement: 0 or 3 credits

Students should consult the Ethnic Studies & Social Justice Graduation Requirement  for a list of courses that fulfill the ESSJ Requirement for degree completion. 

Required Ancillary Courses: 14 credits

All students must complete the following courses. These courses can also count towards the General Studies Requirements. 

EET Technical Electives: 18 credits

Students must complete 18 hours of approved EET technical electives. If you have questions about this course list, please talk with your faculty advisor. Approved electives include the following courses:

Senior Experience: 3 credits

Summary of Requirements

General Studies Requirement 33 credits
ESSJ Requirement 0-3 credits
Required Ancillary Courses 14 credits
Required EET Courses 69 credits
EET Technical Electives 18 credits
Senior Experience 3 credits
Total for the Electrical Engineering Major, B.S. Minimum of 128 credits

Required courses for the major may also count for General Studies and ESSJ requirements, so the total credits listed may be greater than the number required to complete the degree. Therefore, it is important that you work with your advisor to make sure you are meeting requirements for your degree.

Up to 9 of the 33 General Studies credits in this program may be fulfilled through requirements for the degree.

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