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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Learning

At MSU Denver, we adapt to your educational needs based on your ever-changing life. Online learning is a cornerstone of our mission to serve you where you are, how you want to learn, and when you are available. Join our learning community of resourceful, committed, and passionate students who are actively engaged with the university, faculty, and each other.

Delivery Formats Include In-Person, Hybrid, and Online

Degrees and programs are offered in in-person online, and hybrid formats, and available formats are listed on each major program page. MSU Denver students have complete flexibility to choose the course formats they prefer, and can mix and match formats regardless of the program they are pursuing.

  • In-person : all required courses are available on-campus.
  • Hybrid: 50% or more of the required courses are available online.
  • Online: all required courses are available online.
Comprehensive Support for Online Students

MSU Denver Online has dedicated support staff for online students. Our Online Student Services Manager connects online students with virtual student services (so you don’t have to come to campus), and resources for your distance learning success, health and well-being.

Course Delivery Formats
  • On-Campus requires only have face-to-face class sessions on campus. MSU Denver offers a weekday, weeknight, and weekend on-campus courses.
  • Hybrid is a combination of face-to-face and online class sessions in the same course. This schedule is specific to your course and more information can be found on the Student Detail Schedule in the Student Hub after students register.
  • Fully online means all required components of the courses are offered virtually and may include synchronous and asynchronous options.
    • Asynchronous include activities, readings, assignments, videos, and other tasks required in your course that students complete on their own time while meeting the expected due dates and times.
    • Synchronous includes sessions that occur with classmates and a professor at a scheduled time but is accessible virtually through a software like Microsoft Teams.
Online Learning Expectations

Whether fully online or hybrid, online learning requires students to effectively manage their time, plan ahead, communicate openly and timely, present themselves professionally, and to fully understand the expectations of the course. Online and hybrid course delivery options require students to be active in Canvas multiple times a week (e.g., discussion boards, presentations, assignments, peer interactions, course material, etc.), to read all emails and announcements (as they are not reinforced in face to face class), and complete all required material in the weekly modules.

Though students don’t have a physical class, students still need to schedule time to complete course assignments and learning objectives. Online does not mean less time or less rigorous. Students should schedule the equivalent time of a face-to-face class (approx. 3 hours) each week in order to learn the course material through participation in discussion and completion of the learning modules in addition to reading, homework, and assignment time required.