Mar 30, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration Major, B.S.

Department of Marketing  

College of Business  

  Available Program Format(s): In-Person  

About the Program

The B.S. in Business Administration is a general business degree that enables students to build cross-functional expertise and prepares students to progress their career into multi-function business and leadership roles. The B.S. in Business Administration degree program enables students who do not need or desire deep expertise in one functional area an opportunity to create several areas of business focus which match their needs. Students will complete business core and additional requirements that provide a solid foundation across business functions. Within the major, students will select 21 credits of business coursework with a maximum of 9 credits in any one area of business, enabling students to select from a broad array of courses that support students’ professional interests. Finally, students complete the degree with a course on Strategic Leadership (MGT 4910). As part of the College of Business, the B.S. in Business Administration is accredited by AACSB.

Student Outcomes

The purpose of the B.S. in Business Administration is to prepare graduates to progress their career into multi-function business and leadership roles. 

Goal 1: Students will apply outcomes from self-assessments and knowledge from major coursework to clearly communicate career pathways.  

Goal 2: Students will be able to integrate knowledge across business functions.  

2.1 - Students will be able to integrate data from multiple functional areas to inform decision making.  

2.2 - Students will demonstrate knowledge of how to interact with and manage teams in a range of functional areas. 

The College of Business B.S. programs, including Business Administration, share a common set of five learning goals reflecting cross-disciplinary core competencies, knowledge, and skills.  

GOAL 1: Communication - Business students will be able to communicate effectively. 

1.1 - Prepare effective written communication 

1.2 - Deliver effective oral presentations 

GOAL 2: Decision Making - Business students will be able to analyze business decisions and propose recommendations drawn from appropriate frameworks. 

GOAL 3: Business Environment - Business students will be knowledgeable of global and ethical frameworks and how they relate to business decisions. 

3.1 - Analyze global business factors and their impact on business solutions. 

3.2 - Analyze ethical considerations and their impact on business solutions. 

GOAL 4: Technological Agility - Business students will demonstrate the ability to readily adapt to and apply new technologies to inform business decisions. 

GOAL 5: Core Knowledge - Business students will demonstrate competence in required business topics, including accounting, computer information systems, finance, marketing, management, and business law. 

General Degree Requirements

To earn a degree, students must satisfy all requirements in each of the four areas below, in addition to their individual major requirements. 

Program Requirements

  • A total of 120 semester hours are required for graduation. 
  • A grade of C- or better is required for each course in this program to count toward the bachelor’s degree. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required. 
  • A minor is not required for this program.
  • To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, a student must successfully complete 30 or more credit hours of business coursework at MSU Denver. This 30-hour residency requirement can be met by completing any business courses with the prefix ACC, ACCM, BNK, BUS, CIS, ECO, FIN, MGT and MKT and a course number of 2000 or higher. A student must complete at least twelve (12) upper-division semester hours in the major at MSU Denver.

General Studies Requirements: 33 credits

Students should consult the General Studies Requirements  for a list of courses that fulfill the General Studies Requirements for degree completion.  


** Students will fulfill the global diversity requirement by taking an approved course within one of the following categories: arts and humanities; historical; natural and physical sciences; or social and behavioral sciences. 

Multicultural Requirement: 0 or 3 credits

  • Students should consult the Multicultural Graduation Requirements  for a list of courses that fulfill the Multicultural Requirement for degree completion.  
  • Many programs include courses that meet this requirement. Students should consult with their advisor to determine what program courses may fulfill this requirement. 

Business Core: 36 credits

All business majors require foundation coursework in all significant areas of business theory and practice. The following courses are required for all majors in Business Administration. A grade of “C-” or better must be earned in each business core course to have that course count toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required. Please note the pre-requisites required for each course.

College of Business Additional Requirements: 15 credits

Each of the following courses must be completed for the Business Administration degree.

Major Requirements: 24 credits

  • Business Administration majors will select 21 upper-division credits (3000 or 4000 level) from College of Business prefix courses (ACC, BNK, CIS, ECO, FIN, MGT, MKT, REL); must be courses not already taken to fulfill other degree requirements. Students may take a maximum of 9 credits in any one prefix.

Senior Experience: 3 credits

Summary of Requirements

General Studies Requirements 33 credits
Multicultural Requirement 0-3 credits
Business Core 36 credits
College of Business Additional Requirements 15 credits
Major Courses 24 credits
Senior Experience (counted in business core)
Unrestricted Electives 9-24 credits
Total for the Business Administration Major, B.S. 120 credits

Required courses for the major may also count for General Studies and Multicultural requirements, so the total credits listed may be greater than the number required to complete the degree. Therefore, it is important that you work with your advisor to make sure you are meeting requirements for your degree.