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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Additional Graduation Requirements

Multicultural and Senior Experience Course Requirements:

In addition to completing the General Studies requirements, a student must complete a three-hour Multicultural course and a three-hour Senior Experience course, or selection of courses, to be awarded a bachelor’s degree from Metro State. The Multicultural course does not require three hours as a separate category and can be taken in the major, minor or as an elective. The rules pertaining to those requirements and the courses that will satisfy those requirements are described below.

Multicultural Graduation Requirements (Minimum 3 semester hours):

Multicultural course required content and course materials are designed to increase students’ awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity in the United States. Multicultural education coursework examines the interactions of values, beliefs, traditions, identities, and contributions of one or more of the following four groups of color in the United States: African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and Native American, which may include the characteristics of gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability within these groups.

At the conclusion of a multicultural course, students will be able to:

  • Define factors that lead to the formation and continuation of one or more of the four groups of color in United States society.
  • Present the customs, behavioral patterns, and identities of one or more of the four groups of color in United States society.
  • Delineate the effects of bias, prejudices, and discrimination on one or more of the four groups of color in United States society.
  • Describe the cultural similarities, commonalities, and differences within or among one or more of the four groups of color in United States society.
  • Communicate how the acceptance and inclusion of all groups of color enriches lives and increases the creativity and performance of everyone in United States society.

Multicultural Courses (3 Semester Hours):

Select from the following courses:

Transferability of Multicultural Credits:

Transfer credits to meet the multicultural requirement will be accepted under the following guidelines:

  • Transferable courses taken at an accredited institution to meet a multicultural or similar diversity requirement will satisfy the Metro State multicultural requirement.
  • Transferable courses equivalent to an existing multicultural course will satisfy the Metro State multicultural requirement. Equivalency will be determined by the department offering the course. Once a course has been approved by a department, it will be given the status of an approved transferable multicultural course.
  • If a transferable course is interdisciplinary, Metro State transfer evaluators will consult with the department(s) where the majority of the course content resides.
  • A one-hour deviation in the multicultural requirement will be allowed for courses judged to be similar in content to an existing Metro State multicultural course. Equivalency will be determined by the department offering the multicultural course.
  • Full credit or a one-hour deviation in the multicultural requirement will be allowed when the transferable course meets Metro State’s multicultural definition and course criteria, although a similar course is not taught at Metro State.
  • If transferable courses do not clearly meet Metro State’s multicultural definition, transfer evaluators may request an opinion from the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee and/or the Multicultural Curriculum Review Committee.


Senior Year Assessment Examinations and Other Activities:

In their senior year, students may be required to participate in an assessment of their education. The faculty has determined educational goals or outcomes that it wants graduates to achieve. A copy of those goals and the methods by which their achievements are measured can be obtained from the department offices.

Senior Experience Graduation Requirements (Minimum 3 Semester Hours):

The Senior Experience course provides a culmination of the undergraduate experience, allowing students to synthesize their learning, using critical analysis and logical thinking. Students may use the course to satisfy major or minor requirements if the course is approved for that use. Students should consult with their advisor and check prerequisites. Students must complete a Senior Experience course at the end of the undergraduate program and must take the course or courses at Metro State. Senior Experience courses include “senior standing” as a prerequisite in addition to other prerequisites designated by the department. In some cases students may need to take two courses to satisfy the requirement. See an advisor in the major for specific degree requirements.

Select from the following: