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2010-2011 Graduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Policies



1.     Students in master’s programs must complete the degree with a GPA of 3.0.  No more than two grades of C or lower will be counted toward degree requirements.  No grade lower than C counts toward degree requirements.  All grade records remain on the master’s transcript and count toward the GPA.  A student who has received two grades of C will be placed on probation and required to meet with an advisor on a regular basis.  A student who receives a third grade of C will be dismissed from the program. 


2.     Students may enroll in no more than 15 master’s level credit hours per semester for fall and spring semesters.  This same limit applies during the summer term.


3.     Master’s students are considered full-time in fall and spring semesters if they are registered for 9 credit hours and half-time if they are registered for 5 credit hours.  The same credit hours apply to summer term.


4.     Students must complete the master’s degree within 6 calendar years from the term they initially enroll. Students should check the program web site and/or specific program section of the catalog to determine specific degree requirements.


5.     Students who have not been in attendance for three consecutive semesters, including summer, need to submit a reapplication form. Students requesting re-admission must be in good academic standing and must submit their application for re-admission to the master’s program in which they have been enrolled.


6.     No course can count both toward the master’s degree and the bachelor’s degree.


7.     The Student Code of Conduct applies to all Metro State students, regardless of level. It may be found on the Metro State web site at http://www.mscd.edu/policies/student_code_of_conduct/student_conduct_code.shtml


8.     The College residency requirement for master’s programs is the total number of hours required for the program minus 9.


9.     The Incomplete (I) notation may be assigned when a student, who was achieving satisfactory progress in a course and who had completed most class assignments, is unable to take the final examination and/ or did not complete all class assignments due to unusual circumstances such as hospitalization or disability. Incomplete work denoted by the Incomplete “I” notation must be completed within one calendar year or earlier, at the discretion of the faculty member. If the incomplete work is not completed within one year, the “I” notation will convert to an “F.”  Students must have completed at least 75% of the course work to qualify for consideration for an Incomplete. The student must be passing the course in order to be granted an Incomplete.

Determination of eligibility does not guarantee that an Incomplete will be granted. Students who do meet the qualifications may request an Incomplete from the faculty member who is teaching the course. The decision to grant an Incomplete is up to the faculty or the Department Chair’s discretion. The decision to grant an Incomplete as an accommodation based on a student’s disability shall be made by the faculty member, or the Department Chair if the faculty member is not available, in consultation with the Director of the Access Center.

If an Incomplete is granted, the student and instructor should fill out and sign an Incomplete Agreement form in order to clarify what the student needs to do to complete the course.

If a student receives an “I” in an online class, the instructor should contact the Educational Technology Center which will add the student to the online course roster so that the student will be able to logon to the course. This must be done by the instructor each semester the student continues to work on the course.

In order for an “I” to be changed to a letter grade, the incomplete work must be completed for the course for which the student originally registered. The student should NOT re-enroll for the same course unless his/her intent is to retake the entire course. In this case, the student will pay tuition and fees.

10.  The College grade appeal process may be found on the web site at http://www.mscd.edu/policies/grades/grade_appeals.shtml